Vocalpad® is the provider of choice for high value, high quality, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions to individuals and companies worldwide at very competitive rates. It offers its customers a global coverage with a network expanding to 254 countries and territories.

Core values

As our corporate policy and procedures dictate, we make it a daily goal to provide you with the highest value for money through each service we offer. Our core values, the actual foundations that
Vocalpad® was built upon, are:

• Always remain dedicated and devoted to customer satisfaction.
• Always show the utmost degree of professionalism in all actions.
• Always work through a goal-driven mindset.

A Very Brief History

Initially founded in 2002, Vocalpad® has come a long way since it set foot for the first time in the telecom market. From the beginning, the company’s main interest was long distance voice traffic and through hard work and steady growth, not to mention the amazing developments of the industry, the customers and products of Vocalpad® today are proof of the distance it has crossed.

Our key features are:

• Reliable, user friendly applications.
• Distinguished voice quality with Tier 1 routing.
• Aggressively competitive, Market Leading Pricing Policy.
• A resourceful product portfolio for our customers.
• Profitable business modules for our agents & resellers, with minimal investment & operational cost.
• Vocalpad® can offer you its labeling program, giving you a great opportunity to distinguish your
products from your competitors.
• All our regional offices are dedicated to provide all the Support in Technical, Training and Customer
Service necessary to our customers.
• With Vocalpad®, you can bundle our products to have different market mixes without worrying
the loss of price plans.